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Our Know-how for Software

As an IT service provider for Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Systems, we have focused our software know-how: Our strategic partners, SAS Institute and Microsoft, have frequently certified the outstanding standard of knowledge of our employees and have entered into professional partnerships with us. Open source tools for data analysis complement these for us very important core analytical technologies. 

The fact that we have been successful with our services for many years, demonstrates that we are capable of incorporating specific analytical technologies into the specialised business processes and growing IT infrastructure of our customers. In our company are specialists for the Java development platform, for Microsoft .NET and for the Open source LAMP stack. Also, all important basic technologies – databases, programming languages, operating systems – are part and parcel of our know-how portfolio, of which we have a permanent overview thanks to our knowledge management.

Certification - proven Know-how

Certificates from software vendors and independent institutions are documented proof of the high standard of qualification of our employees. Company financed certification is an integral part of our staff development.

What is more, many of our senior software engineers are accredited as trainers for our software partners, demonstrating our leading role in know-how for Analytical Software.

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