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Partnership with SAS Institute

SAS is the market leader of business analytics software and the major independent supplier of Business Intelligence. The software solutions of SAS support companies in making strategic decisions based on their versatile business data.

Long-lasting and intensive partnership

Our partnership with SAS Institute has been established since 1996 and ranges over

  • the extensive use of SAS software by our members of staff for our clients
  • the training and certification of our members of staff
  • sales and marketing of SAS software and HMS services
  • training cooperation
  • the processing of customer projects for SAS Professional Services

See further information about our SAS Know-how and our services for SAS software.

Accredited trainers

Our cooperation with the SAS training department is particularly intensive. Presently (dated summer 2011), seven of our senior software engineers are accredited at SAS as trainers. They have proved their software knowledge and their pedagogical skills in an accreditation procedure at SAS Institute and are very adept in the practical application of SAS software resulting from our customer projects.

As a training partner of SAS Institute we offer the following services:

  • Realization of courses by order of SAS Institute
  • Sales of SAS courses from the SAS Education curriculum
  • Course development for the SAS curriculum

SAS about HMS

Norbert Seibel

Norbert Seibel, Education Manager, SAS Institute Germany:

"The HMS consultants were certified by us as part of the SAS Accredited Training Programme for several SAS courses. They have repeatedly carried out these courses in our SAS training centres as well as locally with our clients and have received excellent feedback.

Expertise, practical experience and flexibility of HMS trainers are highly esteemed by our course participants. We enjoy the cooperation with HMS because we can rely on competence and quality of their trainers. Which in turn means that we are able to successfully realise specific requests of our clients."

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