SAS and R - the Odd Couple

Many companies will come across the question “Should we integrate an Open Source Software into our validated processes?” In the future the quality and with it the reliance into the R System will increase. The pharmaceutical Industry will have validation plans for the R System and its underlying algorithms. At the end SAS and R no longer will be an odd couple but rather will become complementary friends.

The audience will receive insight into the differences, similarities and supplementing possibilities of the commercial software SAS and R as a free of charge Open Source Software.


The focus of this talk is on:

  • Concepts behind SAS and R
  • Differences in installation and support
  • How to develop programs
  • SAS-Macro Language versus R Functions
  • Performance comparison applied to large data sets
  • Interfaces between SAS and R and vice versa
  • Conclusion


Dr. Peter Bewerunge, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Biotechnology and Software Engineer at HMS Analytical Software.


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