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Unit Testing with SASUnit

Software testing is indispensable but time-consuming. The concept of unit testing implies that testing should start as early as possible during software development and that tests themselves should be implemented as executable pieces of source code. As a result, tests can be repeated anytime, and negative side effects of software changes can be spotted in a fast and easy way.

This paper presents SASUnit; available for free from HMS Analytical Software GmbH. SASUnit is a unit testing framework for the development, execution and documentation of tests for SAS programs. SASUnit test scenarios extend the specification of user requirements in a formal way and developers can leverage SASUnit for automatic and standardized documentation of test results.

In a SASUnit test scenario, you allocate static test data, call the program under test and then call assertion macros in order to compare actual with expected outcome. Comparison results are stored and used later to prepare the documentation.



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