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Our services include the transfer of know-how in the form of standard training courses using the curricula of our technology partner, as tailor-made training according to the customers specific needs and as coaching support parallel to project work. Ultimately we develop our own training courses which we offer individually or through our partners.

Validation of SAS Programs for Clinical Studies

Industry: Life Science | Technology: SAS | Method: ALM

The participants learn to understand the concepts behind software validation and electronic records, and how they apply to clinical studies. Furthermore, they will acquire specific approaches for the quality assurance of programs for the data management and for analyses and for the validation of reusable SAS macros.

Validation of CDISC Data with SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit

Industry: Life Science | Technology: SAS

This course provides skills and knowledge for the installation, configuration and application of the SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit. Participants shall be placed in a position to integrate this tool into their organisation’s environment in such a way, that the quality and the speed of CDISC data model transformations will be enhanced.

R for Beginners

Technology: Open Source Analytics

The Open Source Platform R is a powerful system for data analysis. This basic course gives insights into the basic principles of R under Windows. You will learn about the functionalities and application area of R. You will be trained in R with practical data and code examples, e.g. data import/-processing, create graphics and export analysis reports. At the end of the course you will be able to understand and generate simple R scripts, create graphics and reports in HTML format.

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