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R for Beginners

The Open Source Platform R is a powerful system for data analysis. Hereby, R combines a matrix orientated programming language with modern statistical methods. In particular, the graphical tools for explorative data analysis are outstanding. Read more about the R-Project and our corresponding know how.

Course target

This course gives insights into the basic principles of R under Windows. You will learn about the functionalities and application area of R. You will be trained in R with practical data and code examples, e.g. data import/-processing, create graphics and export analysis reports. At the end of the course you will be able to understand and generate simple R scripts, create graphics and reports in HTML format.   


Basic programming knowledge is required. You should be familiar with basic statistical concepts. Experiences in databases or data management and accordingly computer algebra systems could be an advantage but are not required. 

Target group

This multi-line beginner course in R is made for programmers of data analysis, statisticians and analysts who are interested in getting deep insights into the versatile potentials of R. 


  • Characteristics of R
  • Usage of the R User Interface under Windows
  • Illustration of workspaces and data objects
  • Install and usage of packages
  • How to use the R help
  • Data import and processing
  • Basic descriptive statistics and visualization methods
  • Usage of functions and control structures
  • Save text and graphic outputs
  • How to get helpful information about R on your own


2 days


Courses can be offered as inhouse training or at HMS in Heidelberg if needed. Please contact: or call +49 (6221) 6051 0.

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