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Lifecycle-Management: Quality in Information gain

Nothing is more invariable than change, and hence the major part of the work in a software system flows into maintenance and adaptation. Change forms a constant challenge for the preservation of quality. Those who plan their changes and the required quality assurance right from the outset, save time, money and nerves. 

In addition to this, companies in different industries are legally obliged to verify and prove the quality of all conclusions resulting from any data, so as to avoid risks, for example, to the health of individuals or the national economy. This applies in particular to the following sectors:

  • Companies that manufacture medical products have obligations imposed on them by regulatory authorities to validate their programs and data.
  • Businesses in the financial industry obtain the minimum requirements for risk management from the respective national financial supervisory authorities, to which operational risks, and therefore IT systems, also belong.

We advise companies with the validation of systems and programs as well as change management and help in complying with the regulatory requirements:

  • Writing of validation plans and SOPs
  • Performance of risk analysis
  • Conducting and documenting tests, also automatically with unit testing tools
  • Setup of technical environments for Lifecycle Management (development, test, production) 
  • Analysis, evaluation and implementation of modifications to existing systems or programs.

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