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Setup and Operation of Systems on the Basis of Microsoft Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence on the basis of Microsoft technologies is no singular project, but rather demands the setup of a stable technical and organisational platform, upon which manageable projects can be built on as required. 

We offer services for the setup of a stable system base: 

  • Actual state analysis, recording and documentation of specific and technical requirements for the base system 
  • Consultation in planning the system architecture: Selection of suitable Microsoft components, integration into the particular IT environment
  • Development and implementation of Lifecycle Management concepts
  • Training on the various components and for the administration of Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Conducting a pilot project for the validation of the base system

For the operation, we offer customised support:

  • Maintenance contracts at call as required
  • Hotline agreements for the support of users or for the support at second level
  • Development of user documentation in printed or electronic form
  • Support websites, forums and wikis for users and technical specialists of customers

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