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Services for SAS Software

Independent consultation for the deployment of SAS Software

Against the background of our extensive know-how, we give you independent consultation for the deployment of SAS Software. We know the SAS technologies from experience, as well as all the key adjacent technologies. We know what has already been tried and tested, we have preferential access to information from SAS Institute, and we listen to you in finding solutions.

Setup and Operation of Systems with the SAS Platform

We offer services to companies who rely on the SAS Platform to ensure transparency in the business processes: The implementation of the SAS Platform in a company is a complex assignment, where the requirements from the business process, the functionality of the SAS Software, the IT technical frameworks and organizational integration must all be taken into account. We consider your requirements and offer you one-stop consultation, implementation, training and support.

Development of Data Integration processes with SAS

The realization of functional issues into data integration processes capable of running under SAS Data Integration Server, requires specialist knowledge, which our employees possess. We focus intensely on your requirements and develop high quality data integration jobs.

Development of SAS Programs

SAS is not a programming language, but rather a platform for the preparation and analysis of business data. The realization of functional issues into processes capable of running under SAS requires specialist knowledge, which our employees possess. Together with you, we analyze your requirements and develop high quality SAS programs.

Development of Reports with SAS

We develop tailor-made reports for end users on the basis of the SAS software. To this purpose, we employ the various powerful reporting tools of SAS, as well as the scripting language SAS Foundation.

Development of customized Front ends for the SAS Software

The SAS Software is configurable for the most diverse business processes and offers various front ends for users with assorted assignments. Nonetheless, it is not unusual that companies have particular demands regarding the front end or wish for a specific system integration. We build Java or Microsoft .NET Windows or browser applications, which access the analytics technology of SAS in the background, to your requirements.

Data analysis with JMP

We advise JMP users and provide trainers for JMP introductory and statistical courses, for example the design of experiments. For users who require additional functions or want to simplify recurring tasks, we develop add-on modules (Add-Ins).

Software validation and Lifecycle Management for SAS Software

Nothing is more invariable than change, and hence the majority of the work in a software system flows into the maintenance and adaptation. Changes are always a challenge for the quality. Those who plan changes and the required quality assurance right from the outset, save time, money and nerves. We advise and implement measures, so that your SAS software can also function in a rapidly changing environment, and also help in complying with the regulatory requirements in quality and documentation of the software.

Performance optimisation for SAS Software

Those who process large amounts of data with SAS should not only look at the factual accuracy of the data transformation, but also pay attention to the fact that this must be managed by the system in an acceptable day-to-day business timeframe. We analyze your systems for conceivable performance bottlenecks, make suggestions for the modification of SAS Programs, data integration jobs, data modules and server configurations, and implement these where necessary.

New Versions for SAS Software

The continued development of SAS software by the SAS Institute brings chances and challenges for consumer companies. New functions facilitate an even better usage of the data in order to extract information. At the same time, the transition to a new version is often coupled with expenditure, costs and risks. A changeover can often not be delayed for long, since SAS, like any other software vendor, does not support older versions indefinitely. We are informed in good time by SAS about the advantages of new versions as well as the means of migration, have early experience with new versions and can therefore advise on a conversion or conduct such a conversion for you.

Training und Coaching for the Application of SAS Software

Trainings and seminars from HMS Analytical Software combine know-how, practical knowledge and experience. We offer several seminars, current SAS Standard trainings, customized workshops and on-the-job training. Our trainers, who are accredited by SAS Institute, are simultaneously experienced consultants and application developers, who are able to convey the necessary practical know-how to you.

Technical Support for the Application of SAS Software

We have been servicing many of our customers for a number of years. Applications, which we have developed together, are being continuously operated by our customers. We offer customised support concepts for SAS based systems: maintenance contracts, hotline agreements, development of user documentation, support websites, forums and Wikis.

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