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Training und Coaching for the Application of SAS Software

Trainings and seminars from HMS Analytical Software combine know-how, practical knowledge and experience. We offer several seminars, current SAS Standard trainings, customized workshops and on-the-job training.

Our trainers, who are accredited by SAS Institute, are simultaneously experienced consultants and application developers, who are able to convey the necessary practical know-how to you.

For the optimal deployment of your SAS Software

The trainers from HMS Analytical Software have extensive project experience and are accredited by SAS Institute. As a result, they can impart current SAS know-how to you at your employer’s training facility. Our cooperation with the SAS Education Department enables us to use the official and always current SAS training material and course concepts. 

HMS employees that are accredited trainers by SAS Institute.

HMS conceptualises advanced trainings

Our IT application specialists conceptualise new seminars at regular intervals, which address in a practical way industry specific topics of SAS applications or convey methodology know-how. These courses can be found in our Knowledge Library and partly in the official SAS Curriculum.

A quick start in practical application

Anyone who has already acquired knowledge of the basic application of the SAS Software would wish to apply this as soon as possible. We offer on-the-job training and customised workshops, where you can learn step by step from experienced practitioners to find solutions for your everyday tasks, in your own working environment with your own data.

News from HMS Analytical Software