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People at HMS

Software and Information for People

Software is made by people for people. Business Intelligence is there for businesses that are operated by people. No one is spared from thinking, but the information gained from data analysis supports the deliberations of decision making and taking action. In order for this to function, the communication between the IT specialists and the users must also function. We understand our IT tools of the trade and we understand our contact persons from our customers.

Know-how in the Service of our Customers

The knowledge about technologies, applications and techniques, as well as the experience, is our primary resource which we continuously cultivate and develop. This is achieved due to the fact that almost all the employees at HMS Analytical Software are permanently employed. The employees have no sales targets, but rather knowledge objectives. It is therefore a matter of course, that we regularly and purposefully advance our continued education as well as systematically practice knowledge transfer. To the outside world, we record our knowledge through certification and technical contributions to conferences and trade journals.

Teamwork and Ideas

In our job vacancies, we look for people with self-reliance, diligence, a willingness to learn, a capacity for teamwork and with the ability for communication and criticism. We are serious about this and also practice it in our daily routine. With us, the individual counts and is able to set things in motion. Once again to quote from our job offers: We have „the advantage of an owner managed company that relies on continuity, creative leeway and the ideas of its employees".

A company is not just for fun, but we cannot be successful without fun at our work. Work is fun when it is comprised of attainable challenges. Our corporate culture aims toward joint success.

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