Financial Service Providers

Specialist Knowledge for Banks and Insurance Companies

Risk management and transparency are fundamental driving forces in the banking sector. As a result of our many years of experience, we are equally familiar with banking terminology as well as industry specific processes and procedures. This knowledge enables us to deal competently and confidently with the requirements of the financial sector.

  • Credit Risk under Basel II/III (MaRisk, EAD, LGD, RWA, VAR [MO2] ...)
  • Transactions (ABS, CDS, True Sales, Global Loans, KEV ...)
  • Bank specific Reporting (Regulatory Reporting, Global Treasury, HGB/IFRS Accounting )
  • Forecasting Systems (Credit Scoring, Termination Prevention ...)
  • Rating Validation
  • Analyses and Systems for Bank Specific Marketing Control (SRK, ÖKK ...)