Quality management for the data integration for BIAF at Fraport AG

BIAF permits Near-Real-Time-Reporting for Frankfurt Airport

Fraport AG owns and operates Frankfurt Airport. In order for the employees to maintain an overview while running the airport, with an average of more than 1.265 departures and arrivals a day (2010), the Fraport AG’s IT Department ensures that through BIAF (Business Intelligence Architecture Famework) the latest figures, for example flight movements, passenger and personal data, delays and weather data are made available to employees. Using these detailed figures, assertions can be made about future capacity requirements.

Automatic Unit Tests for a stable data basis

BIAF was developed by the IT Department of Fraport AG on the basis of SAS. In order to ensure the continuing high quality of the data basis of BIAF, the complex data integration processes during changes, e.g. a software upgrade, must be verified again. With the upgrade to Version 9.2 one anticipated extended functions for the analysis and forecasting of the airport processes.

HMS Analytical Software introduced the tool SASUnit  to Fraport. This included the installation of SASUnit in the development environment of the company, training of the employees and the development of the test scenarios for the data integration processes of BIAF during the conversion to SAS-Version 9.2.

SASUnit, enables test scenarios to be developed that check the propriety of the SAS programs and to generate the corresponding test documentation.

Efficient control of data integration processes

With the implementation of the testing tool SASUnit and the developed Unit Tests for the data integration processes, the IT department at Fraport can now, during changes of the system environment or the business logic of their data stock, efficiently check the data integration processes for correctness.