Optimized Budget Planning for the Division Global Compound Development at Grünenthal

The Client: Grünenthal GmbH

Headquartered in Aachen and founded in 1946, Grünenthal GmbH is one of the last five research-based pharmaceutical companies with corporate headquarters in Germany. For many years now, and in accordance with the slogan „Pain management is our Competence“, the company has been focusing its research and development on new medications in the field of pain therapy – an area which meanwhile amounts to more than half of the company’s combined turnover.

The Issue: Optimized Budget Planning for the Division Global Compound Development

For the efficient implementation of projects in the Division Global Compound Development (e.g. diverse clinical studies), the necessary resources (both monetary and personnel) must be planned and controlled. In order to increase the efficiency of the existing system for the budget management of development projects, HMS Analytical Software GmbH was commissioned with the conception and development of a modern software solution. This solution should increase the degree of automation and user friendliness of budget management, and enable better decision-making through greater transparency.

An integrated whole: Dataflow, Processes & Reports

In the course of the project, several technological sections were seamlessly linked to each other: on the basis of a central SAS BI platform, the dataflow from the Oracle system (and other external data sources) was able to be automated, and the generation and deployment of the reports simplified. In addition, a Java based web frontend was developed for the roll of „Power User“ to facilitate the edition of data.

The outcome of the project: Besides the clear and consistent maintenance of budgets and resources, the portfolio of integrable data was enhanced and an extensive reporting system established.

Efficient planning at all times: Budgets & Resources

More transparency, more automation, more user friendliness: In the Division Global Compound Development at Grünenthal, the „more“ in the produced software  solution  leads – in comparison to the completely replaced predecessor – not only to  a rise in quality in the organization of projects, but also eases the daily work with the software through a less complicated environment. The result: lower susceptibility to errors and increased satisfaction amongst the users.