HMS-Analytical-Software-Career: Expertise
HMS-Analytical-Software-Career: Expertise
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Training and development

Work side by side with experts in data science, data analytics and software engineering. Each member of our teams brings his or her special expertise to the table and expands and intensifies his or her technical and methodological know-how in the course of various projects.

Our Competence Center

We bring this knowledge back into the company and pass it on among co-workers, so that everyone can learn from the skills of the others. Experts in various key areas meet in competence fields and create development plans and further training.

Artificial Intelligence und Business Intelligence

Key focus: Text Mining, anomaly detection, visualization, and data modeling, as well as technologies such as Python, R, and Dataiku

Knowledge work & goals

Project Management

Key focus: Best practices, training program for project managers, guidelines for Scrum and agile methods, project manager café
Knowledge work & goals


Key focus: Skills for everyday project work – formulation of business goals, strategic project consulting, clear communication
Knowledge work & goals

IT Systems

Key focus: Cloud application development and operations concepts, automation technology, best practices for lifecycle tools and deployment environments.
Knowledge work & goals

Life Science

Key focus: Software development in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, evaluation of clinical studies, medical device software.
Knowledge work & goals

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Continuing education

Together with you, we develop a personnel training plan tailored to your needs. As a project employee, you have an annual budget of 12 days for knowledge acquisition. You can participate in training courses or conferences and attend our knowledge circles to further expand your professional, methodological and social skills.

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Take part in trainings and develop your technical and methodical skills according to your individual professional orientation. The training courses are paid for by HMS, as are the working hours and travel expenses. In addition to further expanding your technical know-how, you can also develop your social skills at in-house training courses. In courses such as “Type-appropriate communication”, “Coaching: acquisition, networking, presales”, “Rhetoric and moderation”, you will learn from external trainers how to successfully master various work situations.

Knowledge Circles

Several times a month, we hold knowledge circles on various topics from the fields of data science, software engineering, project management and project work. We discuss technology trends, demonstrate practical examples, and teach technical know-how. All information is collected centrally in our knowledge database and is accessible to every employee at any time.

  • Pattern workshop: short presentation and discussion of design patterns
  • Azure security: web application firewall & Azure Front Door
  • Scrum versus Kanban: advantages and disadvantages of both systems
  • Hadoop 101: introduction as big data platform in contrast to Spark
  • Text Mining with Python spacy
  • Visualizations with SAS VA, Tableau, JMP, Power BI
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We regularly represent HMS at Data Science, Software Engineering and Life Science conferences. Here you have the opportunity not only to attend presentations and workshops, but also to hold them yourself. Among others, we participate in data2day, M3, PHUSE and SAS Forum every year. But it is not only through external conferences that we keep our knowledge up to date; regular internal company conferences also ensure a constant transfer of knowledge and interdepartmental exchange.

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