SAS Institute GmbH



Our partnership with SAS Institute exists since 1996 and encompasses:

  • Comprehensive usage of SAS Software by our employees in commission of our customers
  • Training and Certification of our employees
  • Mutual sales and marketing of SAS software and HMS services
  • Collaboration in the training field
  • Processing customers' projects for SAS Professional Services

Focus on Training

With the help of our experienced and accredited trainers, we ensure comprehensive training for SAS users:

  • In-house SAS Foundation courses  [more]
  • Joint execution of SAS Platform courses (In-house or at SAS)
  • HMS-developed courses [more]
  • Individual Coaching

SAS Training on HMS:

"The HMS consultants have been accredited by us within the framework of SAS Accredited Training Programs for a range of SAS courses, and have repeatedly held these at the SAS training centre and directly at customers with outstanding customer feedback.

The professional competence, the practical experience and the flexibility in mediating their knowledge of SAS is highly appreciated by course participants. As SAS Training we enjoy working together with HMS, seeing as we can rely on the competence and the quality of the trainers and thereby being able to implement specific customer requirements successfully."

(Norbert Seibel, Manager SAS Training)