Our Management Team

Management at HMS means the continuous development of employees, an efficient and apposite deployment in projects, communication within and across teams and a smooth collaboration within the teams. We have short communication channels, a flat hierarchy and also live our leadership mandate within the team.


Andreas Mangold (Dipl.-Psych.)
Founder and Managing Director

Managers of the Consulting Teams

Beate Hientzsch
Head of Statistical Programming and Biostatistics
Prokurist (authorized signatory)

With HMS since 2016

Focal point of her team: CRO Services

Kai Brodmann (Dipl.-Informatiker)
Senior Software Engineer
With HMS since 2009

Focal point of his team: Analytics and BI

Klaus Kepert (Dipl.-Informatiker)
Business Solutions Consultant
With HMS since 1998

Focal point of his team: SAS and Banken

Johannes Schluchter (Dipl.-Informatiker)
Senior Software Engineer
With HMS since 2004

Focal point of his team: Microsoft BI, Microsoft Azure and Matlab

Managers of the Internal Teams

Nikola Dondras (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration)
Manager Sales
With HMS since 2010

Carlos Schiffauer (Dipl.-Betriebswirt FH)
Commercial Director
With HMS since 2018

Mathias Klaucke (Dipl.-Informatiker FH)
Manager IT Services
With HMS since 2000

Elisabeth Kohm (Dipl.-Informatikerin)
Senior Software Engineer
Quality Management
(Data Protection Representative)
With HMS since 2001