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Additional Analytics Services

Data Analysis on Contract

If you would like to place the statistical data analysis completely in our hands, we can offer you our professional services on the basis of our data analysis know-how: workshops, data management, data evaluation and quality assurance.

Text Analytics

A large part of the data in a company is available only in the form of relatively unstructured texts, for example e-mails, dossiers or letters. Also, most of the information on the internet is unstructured. Text analytical methods offer the possibility to extract knowledge from such data. Our company possesses this know-how and we are willing to advise you.

Setup of Knowledge Management Systems

The crux of Knowledge Management is the qualitive knowledge in the company, which is present in the minds of the employees, but not in the computer systems. Particularly in Data Warehousing, knowledge management is in demand: Technical metadata is often scarce and can be obtained in this manner. We can support you with the organization of knowledge management and with setting up the supporting software systems.

Cartographic Analyses

Information with geographical reference is more comprehensibly represented on a map than in a table. To this purpose, geographical coordinates and corresponding software are necessary. Our company possesses the required know-how and offers the following services: acquisition of map coordinates, geo-coding of data, development of map diagrams and integration into BI applications.

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