Corporate Social Responsibility

HuManS foundation

Sustainable management and the promotion of improved social structures are close to our hearts. As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility and our capacity as role models. That is why we support various aid organisations at home and abroad. We are always happy when we can support projects through donations and allow institutions to benefit from our long-term support.

Support for children in South Africa

The Godisang Project, South Africa

In the Mafikeng region of South Africa, the AIDS project headed by Dr Wolfgang Hermann runs kindergartens and after-school care centres for school children at six locations. Many of the children are AIDS orphans. The kindergarten children receive several meals there and are looked after by Montessori educators. The schoolchildren also receive lunch, help with homework and further education in a safe space.

You can find more information about the kindergarten project and the organisation’s other foreign projects here.

HMS has been supporting the project since 2015.

Diakonie shop for people with little money

Bread and Salt (Brot & Salz) Shop, Heidelberg

There is poverty in Heidelberg too. In the Bread and Salt Shop in the Plöck, people in need can buy at low prices without feeling ashamed.
When you enter the shop, you will find a colourful mix of volunteers, buyers of all ages, people who make donations or simply drop in out of solidarity. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The way the company describes itself says it all: “Vital items for little money: that’s what we offer at the Diakonieladen Brot & Salz in Heidelberg. Anyone with a low income is welcome here – without feeling awkward and with the knowledge that they are welcome and will find what they need.”

More information:

HMS participated in the financing of a new refrigerated delivery van to collect food donations from supermarkets.

Expansion of two schools and an orphanage

“Kenya must live” – Education for children

In his project “Education is Future”, Pastor Mong’are is building a school for children from poor families in the Githurai district, one of the slums of Nairobi. In Kenya, the school system is not affordable for the poor, which is why a project like this is necessary to help people find their way out of poverty. We are currently supporting Pastor Mong’are in financing a plot of land that will allow the school to be extended.

One of our colleagues visited the project in Kenya as a volunteer in November and December 2018.