HMS Analytical Software Career Engagement
HMS Analytical Software Career Engagement
Pushing global issues forward

Efforts of our colleagues

At HMS you have the opportunity to get involved in various team projects. Whether social topics such as charity or eco-friendly campaigns or more professionally motivated events such as the support of young talents or programming workshops – get involved and contribute your ideas.

HuManS foundation

For years we have been making regular donations to charitable organizations and projects at a national and international level. Our goals are to contribute to self-help in Germany and abroad, to overcome ideological barriers and to promote intercultural dialogue, tolerance and political education. 10% of the annual company profit goes directly into the foundation. Get involved: suggest charity projects, act as an intermediary to projects or participate as an active donor.
Contact person: David Schäfer
Further info: HuManS Foundation

Climate initiative

Sustainable economics – this is what HMS has made its resolution in order to further advance the climate change. We have already received an award from the city of Heidelberg for our commitment to sustainable business practices in 2022. But we have identified further need for action and are taking a close look at the CO2 footprint of company travel, as well as waste, electricity, and water consumption, offering rental bikes and FairPhones, and working on the implementation of “Green IT”. Every employee can take part in our “Climate Care” initiative – take part in the exchange and identify potential!
Contact person: Nadia Bludau-Fuchs
Join: Teams group “Climate Care”

HMS Beruf und Familie Initiative

Work-life balance

HMS is committed to ensuring that employees can live a good work-life balance. To achieve this, we work together with berufundfamilie Service GmbH. Together we develop offers for an ideal compatibility of work, family as well as private life. Since 2012, we have been undergoing various audits to review the implementation of our solutions and to keep receiving new impulses for further optimization. We are always happy to receive input from our employees – so don’t hesitate, send us your feedback right away.
Contact person: Leonie Höhl
Further info: audit workandfamily

HMS Employee-Initiative: Soft Skill Cafe

Soft skill café

In our working environment, we are sometimes faced with the challenge of having to deal with difficult communicative situations. Whether in customer dialog or in collaboration with colleagues – successful communication requires skill, empathy and practice. The Soft skill café was initiated by our colleague Frank Hermannsdörfer. Under the guidance of an experienced senior project manager, small groups practice communicatively challenging situations from everyday project work in the form of role plays. The format takes place regularly and is further developed with the help of feedback from the participants.

Contact person: Frank Hermannsdörfer
Join: Contact Frank

Parents’ café

As a parent, you are an employee for half of the day and you run your own small business at home for the other half. We want to offer mothers and fathers as well as soon-to-be new parents a platform to share challenges, questions and joys around the topic of work and children. We are looking forward to ” new joiners” in our recently founded café – and to one or two tricks of the trade.

Contact person: Melanie Fuchs
Join: Contact Melanie