HMS Analytical Software Career Engagement
HMS Analytical Software Career Engagement
Pushing global issues forward

Efforts of our colleagues

At HMS you have the opportunity to get involved in various team projects. Whether social topics such as charity or eco-friendly campaigns or more professionally motivated events such as the support of young talents or programming workshops – get involved and contribute your ideas.

HMS Analytical Software HuManS Stiftung

HuManS Foundation

For years we have been making regular donations to charitable organizations and projects at a national and international level. Our goals are to contribute to self-help in Germany and abroad, to overcome ideological barriers and to promote intercultural dialogue, tolerance and political education. 10% of the annual company profit goes directly into the foundation. Get involved: suggest charity projects, act as an intermediary to projects or participate as an active donor.
Contact person: David Schäfer
Further info: HuManS Foundation

HMS Software Engineering Workshop: Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo

In cooperation with the Softwerkskammer Rhein-Neckar we organize get-togethers for software developers and programming enthusiasts to exchange techniques and best practices on the topic of clean code. The meetings take place in our offices or online and are led by our senior software engineer Sebastian. At the venue, food and drinks are provided, you only need a laptop with a development environment of your choice. The Coding Dojos can be visited by internal and external people – and best of all: they are completely cost-free!

Contact person: Sebastian Nozzi
Participate: Save these dates

HMS Analytical Software Klimaschutz

Climate initiative

In 2019 HMS moved to a passive house. Due to the more efficient use of energy, 90% less heating energy is consumed. But we want to go one step further and make our company more climate-neutral in our everyday work. To achieve this, we have set up an initiative to uncover potential for optimisation and drive forward the implementation. Bring your ideas to our climate table and continue to drive the climate turnaround forward.
Contact person: Nadia Bludau
Join: Teams group “Climate protection at HMS”

HMS Analytical Software Förderung

Talent promotion

We are shaping the future not only through innovative technologies and developments, but also by supporting young talents. In addition to traineeships and student jobs, we support the young talent contest “Jugend Forscht” (Youth researches) through active jury work. Our software engineer Mark is released on full pay every year to review the work and presentations on the competition day of all young researchers in the Physics section of the North Baden Regional Competition.
Contact person: Mark Bangert
Read more: Stiftung Jugend forscht e.V.

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