About Us

Since the founding of HMS Analytical Software in 1989, we have stood for knowledge.

HMS delivers knowledge.
In the form of software solutions that enable our customers to generate clear added value out of their company's data.

HMS offers knowledge.
In the form of highly qualified employees who are motivated, conversant and eager to learn.

Terms such as Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Data Warehousing or Software Engineering describe the technical facets of our projects. Far more significant, however, is the core concept of HMS:

We offer solutions from people for people.

Our experts are invariably aware that software can only be sensibly implemented when a high level of user acceptance is reached and the use of the solution clearly visible. The combination of technical know-how, the specialist understanding and the close partnership with the market leading software providers (SAS, Microsoft, Revolution Analytics) are a guarantee for success and long-lasting customer relations.

We look upon the fast-changing development of data variety and data quantity with equanimity, because, we are prospectively well equipped for it:

  • Because we constantly take every care to remain acquainted at an expert level with our partner's latest software versions - nevertheless without losing sight of reliable implementations using previous versions.
  • Because we will continue to invest in targeted vocational training of our employees: 12 days a year are available for them to upgrade their education related to technological, subject-specific and soft skills.
  • Because it is one of our key objectives, to offer a working environment that continues to attract highly qualified and motivated experts, and to form a sustainable bond with HMS.