Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning

HMS at the data2day conference 23. – 24.10, Ludwigshafen

How can business-relevant information be extracted from business data? This year’s data2day conference at Pfalzbau in Ludwigshafen is dedicated to this question. The focus will be on the technical implementation of projects in the areas of Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Enterprise Search – in short: focus topics that HMS has been dealing with since 1989. These contributions you should not miss:

  • Under the title “File number XY – solved!” HMS expert Johannes Lang talks about the use of text mining and machine learning for document storage in an authority. He explains how to train a classifier on document content.
  • How can the manual effort involved in data integration using machine learning be reduced? In his lecture “Intelligent data integration – ML as a catalyst for value creation from data” HMS Data Scientist David Hipp will present a proven concept to accelerate the time-consuming integration of tabular data.
  • “Mastering Operationalization in Analytical Projects: From Exploration to Production” is the topic of HMS Senior Data Scientist Markward Britsch. On the basis of concrete projects, he presents best practices on how to successfully operationalize R and Python code.

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HMS Analytical Software Data2Day Messe 2019