HMS-Analytical-Software-Career: Business Intelligence
HMS-Analytical-Software-Career: Business Intelligence
Achieving success together

Working at HMS

What defines us as an employer? The perfect mix of exciting projects, intensive exchange of knowledge and a strong sense of community.

Career Big Data: Job Projects

Project variety

Be at the heart of the digital economy of the 21st century: Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Engineering. Take on a wide range of tasks for companies in very different industries. Read more

Don’t get stuck in research, but get analytical systems into practical application. In your projects you will work with colleagues in interdisciplinary teams. This enables us to combine modern methods for data science and machine learning with the software engineering know-how necessary to put them into operation in the company.

Opportunities for development

In hardly any other company can you work in such a learning environment with so many specialists in software development and data analysis. We ensure a high level of knowledge through further education, study groups and trainings. Read more

We offer project members a knowledge budget of 12 days. Attend conferences to further develop your knowledge and apply it to new projects. For us, expanding your own soft skills is also part of a good development plan. In trainer-led courses you can refine your moderation talent and communication skills.

Knowledge management

Career Big Data: Training

Career in Big Data: team

Corporate Culture

A strong sense of community is very important to us, because we are convinced that entrepreneurial success is based on the support and performance of each individual. Therefore, your opinions and ideas are a valuable asset to us, which we would like to support by providing the right working environment. Read more

We share knowledge instead of competing, and ensure an intensive exchange of ideas in order to master complex challenges together. Team spirit, opportunities to have a say and short distances to the management create good working conditions and give room to concentrate on your own core competencies. Outside of working hours, company parties, joint lunches and leisure groups ensure a high-spirited atmosphere.


Work-life balance

Home office, part-time, flexible working hours, overtime compensation – design your job in line with your individual life situation. We are aware that in everyday life there must be room for private and family obligations, which is why we make sure that we offer a good balance between work and leisure time. Read more

We ensure fair project planning, accommodate commuters with mobile office days and pay for more comfort when travelling by train. Another major issue for us is the compatibility of work and family. For years we have been working with workandfamily Service GmbH to continually expand our range of services for colleagues with children and with relatives in need of care.

Company offers

Career in Big Data: Work-Life-balance

Career in Big Data: Work location & Equipment

Work location & Equipment

At HMS, you work from where you feel most comfortable. In our offices, we offer enough space for those who like to “drive to work” in the classic way. However, you can also work partially or almost fully remote in the mobile office. Read more

If you live further away, we offer a full telecommuting workspace. No matter where you are located, we are committed to creating the best possible work atmosphere for you. When you start the job, you can choose your preferred device model from a wide selection: Laptop, monitors, keyboard, headphones, camera, mouse and company cell phone. Our on-site offices are equipped with height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs and the monitor count of your choice. Those who work 100% from home will receive the appropriate furniture when they start working: desk, chair, mobile container and shelf.


We all pull together to be successful. That’s why you don’t have any individual compensation-relevant goals in our company. Only joint success is relevant to your compensation. Read more

Don’t just work number-driven, instead focus on the successful and sustainable execution of your projects together with your team. In order to honor this community spirit, 50% of the company’s profits are distributed to the employees every year.

Career in Big Data: Payment

Career in Big Data: Job security

Job security

HMS is economically stable because we focus on a diversified customer structure and work with various companies in a wide range of industries. We are owner-managed and do not use outside capital. Read more

This enables us to operate sustainably and is not driven by short-term financial success. Due to good working conditions and interesting projects, we can look back on a long-standing, constant employee structure in the leadership, in the management as well as on team level.

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