Mastering BI and regulatory requirements

Systems Development and Operations

Banking specific control systems like FinRep, Basel III and MaRisk are just as familiar to the experts at HMS as the latest technologies and methods for the analysis of large amounts of data. The synthesis of these competencies enables us to offer you a unique range of services from a single source.

With over 30 years of industry expertise in the banking market, HMS develops IT systems for the analysis of a wide variety of corporate data. From the conception phase to the implementation and adoption of comprehensive operating services, we provide you with needs-based support. The most important thing for you is that we understand the requirements of both the business and the IT side and translate these into sustainable solutions with a high degree of acceptance.

Our services

  • Rule-compliant business intelligence systems
  • SAS technologies (SAS Base, Platform, Viya)
  • Microsoft technologies (SQL Server, Power BI, Azure)
  • Open source (Python and R)
  • SAS systems in the Azure Cloud
  • Data quality management
  • Migration projects (e.g. z/OS to Unix/Linux)
  • Individual and standardised training courses

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Your benefit

Ready to face the future

The challenges in the financial sector are increasing at breakneck speed. Tighter legislation, technological innovation pressure and the emergence of new competitors with purely digital business models are forcing banks to reposition themselves. With tailor-made analysis systems from HMS, you can secure your future.

Tapping new sources of income

Changes in customer behaviour and the prolonged period of low interest rates are depriving traditional business models in the financial services sector of their foundations. Unlock new revenue streams with insights from your data.

Exploiting data potential

More than ever before, banks are now recognising the value of their data and IT systems as fundamental pillars of business innovation. After all, you can only survive in a highly dynamic market if you understand your customers and your own business situation. HMS ensures that your data is always up-to-date and that you have the right analysis tools.

“We work not only for our customers, but above all with our customers.” Ulrike Wandtke, Head of Financial Institutions at HMS

Practical experience/knowledge

HMS offers comprehensive SAS training packages for financial service providers. Apart from the necessary basics, these also take into account the highly individual specifics of practical use in day-to-day work. Attending a standard training course is often not enough when it comes to optimally using SAS software in the individual business environment. This is particularly true when regulatory requirements place special demands on the use of company data.

At HMS, all SAS accredited trainers also work as consultants. This allows them to keep a constant eye on the special features of the banking sector and to identify the requirements for target-oriented knowledge development. Our extensive range of standard training courses is supplemented by coaching packages in which the degree of individualisation can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our clients.

In this way, we train the exact functionalities that are necessary in daily practice. We are also happy to provide coaching based on data from the customer’s own banking environment.

By further developing and modernising SAS systems at all working levels, HMS was able to bring a financial company up to the very latest technical standards. Across a range of different operating systems, this involved more than simply migrating the SAS environment. Central parameters such as performance, data quality or regulatory requirements were also scrutinised and optimised in close cooperation with the customer.

Project background: BI systems from financial service providers that are embedded in existing IT architectures sometimes have to be migrated and, in the process, often reinvented. This can involve anything and everything from new operating systems, data sources and regulatory requirements, to the simple installation of a new version of the SAS software. From concept phase to implementation, we accompany the deployment of new software packages, the adaptation of authorisation concepts, the transfer of data and finally comprehensive and comprehensible documentation of processes and environments.

HMS develops tailor-made business intelligence solutions for substantiated company reporting. To do this, the HMS experts define precisely tailored development steps. They consistently consolidate all relevant data, taking into account data quality and data access performance. The solution is then integrated into the customer’s existing system landscape in a future-proof manner. User-friendly outputs in the form of standard reports, dashboards or self-service services can be called up at any time. Users also receive comprehensive system documentation. All this takes place in close dialogue with the customer’s project participants and the software vendors involved.

“There can only be one truth” – this observation is particularly relevant in the IT sector when it comes to gathering and disseminating data for controlling the company. However, in the reality of many companies, reporting often reflects several truths. Isolated data streams, manual interventions in the reporting system or different times of extraction of source data: these are only three aspects from a multitude of arguments for HMS’s company-wide, future-proof and consistent business intelligence systems. It goes without saying that we provide comprehensive training for users, as well as offering ongoing maintenance and further development of the solution.

What you can count on at HMS

Industry expertise since 1989

Thanks to our many years of experience in business intelligence and data analysis for the financial sector, we are just as familiar with banking terminology as we are with industry-specific processes and procedures. You can rely on us to provide you with the support you need.


…not slave-of-the-hype. Our experts are always at the cutting edge of technology and methodology, without following every trend. Diverse training courses and advanced further studies guarantee the latest knowledge at all times.

Vendor independent

We cooperate with leading technology providers, but we make independent recommendations. Because only through a vendor-independent approach can we advise you in the best possible way. We are open to the use of a wide variety of solutions.

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We’re always there for you!

Ulrike Wandtke
Head of Systems Development and Operations