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Systems Development and Operations

We offer our customers the development, optimization and operation of their IT systems. With our profound software engineering know-how, we deliver results of highest quality.   

We advise our customers independently of providers on the selection and use of suitable technologies. With our many years of experience, we offer support in the migration or optimization of existing IT systems as well as in the development of new applications.   

Our colleagues work in heterogeneous teams and bring even complex projects to the finish line on time and with precision. With a lot of empathy for customer needs and clear communication, we satisfy even the most demanding customers.  

Our services

  • Far-sighted advice and support for our customers    
    •     Requirements engineering 
    •     Proof of concepts   
    •     Implementation and go-live of systems 
    •     Continuous development and maintenance    
  •     Design and implementation of various operations approaches (e.g. site reliability engineering, CloudOps, DevOps)   
  •     Modernization (refactoring with state-of-the-art tech stack) and migration (on premise / cloud) of existing systems   
  •     Identification and exploitation of automation potentials   
  •     High code quality and use of efficient methods of collaborative software engineering   
  •     Consideration of the customer’s framework conditions and industry-specific legal requirements   
  •     Professional project management using agile or classic process models  
Our toolbox
  • SAS On Premise or in the cloud
  • Diverse use of Microsoft technologies (e.g. SQL Server, Power BI, …)
  • Cloud services such as Azure, AWS
  • Open Source such as Linux, Python, Rust, R, Go
  • Data engineering
  • System and application migration
  • Application lifecycle management and DevOps
  • Container technologies and Kubernetes

  “We work not only for our customers, but above all with our customers.” Ulrike Wandtke, Head of SDO at HMS

Practical experience/knowledge

For data analysis in clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies need a Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) that meets the highest regulatory requirements for data security and consistency. Our client decided to develop its own SCE to:

  • Design the optimal user interface based on their own user requirements.
  • Support the collaborative work of the users by providing the highest possible degree of flexibility in terms of data access.
  • Provide users with different integrated development environments (IDE) when choosing a programming environment.
  • Implement a modern cloud architecture using AWS services to be best positioned for future expansion and scaling.

How we support our client in this long-term project:

  • Starting with technical proof of concepts, in particular the integration of the SCE webapp with SAS Studio under SAS Viya as IDE.
  • In conceptual system design in terms of data storage, security and access with AWS services.
  • Through agile implementation of the system and simultaneous implementation of a validation strategy, which should simplify regular release deployments through a high degree of automation.

Every system, every server is important for our customers, unfortunately, in our industry some processes can lead to a production standstill and thus to great financial losses. It is therefore all the more important to know and actively monitor these processes. HMS has taken over the maintenance of a central master computer in an international technology company for mobility.

When monitoring the system, it is particularly important to collect data about the running processes, to evaluate them for possible sources of error and to solve problems before they arise – and all this automatically. It is equally important to maintain an overview in critical situations and to find and apply the right solutions. Afterwards, it is a matter of identifying the causes and ensuring that problems that may have occurred once do not occur again. Since the client’s system is large, it’s impossible to let a single person tackle this task. Therefore, we rely on our excellent teamwork. That’s “operations” the HMS way: analyse, understand, improve – together.

For our client in the pharmaceutical industry, HMS has developed a lightweight user interface for importing and persisting sales as well as business data in various formats. The solution allows its users to conveniently upload files and then store them in a relational data model for long-term analysis purposes. From this data, the HMS solution generates a structured text file that can be consumed by the client’s own reporting system. This data is used to control and analyze the client’s main business processes.

Our HMS developers bring their concentrated software engineering know-how to this project and have provided the customer with a software architecture that can be customized and flexibly extended and adapted to new requirements. Close cooperation between the customer and HMS is therefore crucial for mutual success.

What you can count on at HMS

Resilient systems

Our many years of experience in business intelligence, software development and operations have put us in an excellent position to build robust systems for our customers.

We develop highly reliable systems that are easy to maintain and meet high security standards.


Our experts are always at the cutting edge of technology and methodology. Nevertheless, we do not chase after every trend without critically evaluating the respective advantages and disadvantages.

With a wide range of training courses, we ensure that the knowledge of our staff is always up to date.


Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with the world’s leading software providers, we have expertise in a wide range of technologies. We always advise our customers objectively and vendor-independently on the choice of technology that is right for them.

Your contact person

We’re always there for you!

Ulrike Wandtke
Head of Systems Development and Operations